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A couple of weeks ago, we gave you a preview of the Collector Profiles and Collection Showcases. We’re excited to share the release and provide some more detail on these new features for our Topps NFTs Collectors.

Below is a video that walks through how to create and view a Collection Showcase.

Sharable Links: There is a link in your profile right next to your avatar that will share your profile and your showcases with others.

Creating and Editing Showcases: Collectors can showcase their favorite NFTs in their collections. This can be a showcase of anything, your most rare MLB NFTs, The coolest Godzilla NFTs, your favorite players, etc. You can make up to three showcases of eight NFTs, and you can edit them at any time.

Organizing Your Showcase: We developed an easy-to-use system where Collectors can drag and drop their NFTs into the order they would like to present them in their showcase. This makes building and editing your showcase simple and fun.

Showing Off Your Showcase: Previewing the showcase is its own experience. By clicking “show” the user will experience a fullscreen takeover where they can see the cards in the showcase. It’s a great way to show off your collection!

Profile Activity: Collectors can see the activity of other Collectors on the platform, such as recently sold or purchased Topps NFTs.

In addition to these Collector features, this release also cleaned up some minor issues such as a $10,000 credit card limit prompt, which no longer applies to Marketplace sales, and some mobile formatting polish.

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