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Hello Collectors,

We have some updates coming to the Topps NFTs platform soon that we’re excited to talk about. As many of you are aware, we are changing our payment provider for domestic (US) credit card transactions to Checkout. This changeover will have no effect on international users. There will be some changes required on the user end that are detailed below.

Collectors will need to update payment information once the change takes place as currently saved credit cards will now appear invalid.

To update your saved payment information:

  1. Navigate to your Profile
  2. Remove your saved credit card
  3. Re-add credit card information back into account
  4. Save changes

In addition to payment information, some Collectors may see their ACH account status as either denied or verification required. This is nothing to be alarmed about. If you’re seeing this, please follow the steps below to update:

  1. Navigate to your Profile
  2. If your account is denied you must remove and re-add
  3. If your account needs verification required, click on status
  4. Pop-up will appear asking you to upload a bank statement
  5. Follow the instructions to upload bank statement and save
  6. Your status will now change to pending approval
  7. ACH accounts in pending approval status will be active

If you have any questions, you can always refer to our FAQ page for more info or contact us directly at here.

In other news, we’ve been working on some new features for Collectors – User Profiles and Collection Showcasing! Collectors will have shareable profiles with stats and activity for other Collectors to see, and within your profile, you will have the ability to create showcases of your collections. So, if you’ve been wanting to show the world your legendary Haaland collection or your Godzilla Rage Across Time Toppsicles, now is your chance. We even have a  preview of an early build to show you, which is still work in progress and some elements could be subject to change. Collectors can expect this update soon.

Lastly, the Community Team is working on putting together an ‘event calendar’ for 2022. These events will include Challenges, as well as new and fun ways to engage with you through Discord and our social channels. We’re looking forward to a great year and can’t wait to share more with the Community!

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