Collection Overview

Get ready for a fresh heap of all-new, original and re-imagined Garbage Pail Kids as Non-FLUSHABLE Tokens (NFTs). Staying true to their rotten core, these Garbage Pail Kids are clogging the blockchain to do what they do best: parody NFTs with snot, farts and anything gross!

From CryptoPUKES and LUNA-tic to GASSIE Infinity and Bored Adam Yuck Club, fans can get their heads INTO the gutter with 144 unique collectibles from 24 different subjects, featuring artist signatures and animated variants.

The 2022 Topps GPK Non-Flushable Tokens NFT Collection will be available for purchase on Thursday, November 17 at 1 p.m. ET, exclusively on

Pack Details

One Roll to Rule them all

All 144 unique GPK Non-Flushable Tokens are available from the 2022 GPK Non-Flushable Tokens Pack.

2022 GPK Non-Flushable Tokens Pack

Pack Supply

3,840 1,920 total packs

  • $40 per pack
  • 8 NFTs per pack
  • 1 Rare+ Guaranteed
  • 1 Uncommon+ Guaranteed

Pack Odds

Rarity: ~Per Pack Odds (per-card %)

Common: 3:1 (39.1%)
Uncommon: 2:1 (28.1%)
Rare: 3:2 (18.8%)
Super Rare: 1:2 (9.4%)
Epic: 1:4 (3.1%)
Legendary: 1:8 (1.5%)

Collection Challenges - Going Live with Drop

Got Hans Bros? Four Seasons of Crypto?

Once you have your hands on a pack of Non-Flushable Tokens, you may want to check this out; The Non-Flushable Tokens you (digitally) unwrap may be in-demand!

For a limited time only, ToppsNFTs will be offering exciting rewards for collecting certain Non-Flushable characters and variants from the collection. Visit the challenge details page for more information.

NY Comic Con Event Exclusive NFTs

Fans that connected with Topps at New York Comic Con had the opportunity to reserve an NYCC 2022 GPK Event Exclusive digital collectibles.

One unique “CMYK” variant of these event exclusive collectibles was available for each of the 4 days of the convention. Read more here.

✅ These NFT collectibles have been delivered to fans who successfully reserved them in mid-November!

Stay Tuned for More Garbage

Missed these previous community moments? Don’t worry – these Garbage Pail Kids aren’t going anywhere!

They’re on the blockchain for good, and you can expect EVEN MORE exciting events and activities in relation to the collection in the coming weeks and months!

Check back here for more information, and stay up to date on the latest from ToppsNFTs by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates and join our Community in our official Discord server.

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