Oh what a year it’s been for Topps NFTs!

It’s official, the Topps NFTs platform turned one year old, and we have a lot to celebrate.

In the past year, we’ve added to our portfolio with releases from Major League Baseball, Bundesliga, Godzilla, Bazooka Joe, and more.

Our platform has gone through some notable user experience updates, such as the ability to Showcase your favorite NFTs in your collection, and an overall facelift to our Marketplace from its original launch.

We have so much more planned for this year and beyond – and also have some special gifts for our loyal OG fans!

Keep reading for more platform highlights and details on the your gifts!

Highlights from Year 0

July 7th, 2022: Bazooka Joe is FIRST EVER release on Topps NFTs
Major Releases this Year

We’ve had over 15 exciting releases in the past year, and along with those, some equally exciting community events – both digital and IRL – including Fan Votes, Pack Rip challenges and live events, Trade Show Giveaways & Raffles (NY Comic Con, The NSCC, NFT.NYC just to name a few) plus Showcase challenges and the highly revered Collection Challenges.

Some of our fan-favorite rewards from challenges include those from the MLB 2021 End of Year Challenge Rewards, and the from the Godzilla vs. Gigan cross-collection challenges (Toppsicob, anyone?)

69 K
ToppsNFT Users

And counting! Over 69,000 (nice) collectors have joined ToppsNFTs

216 K

And counting! Over 216,000 total transactions on the ToppsNFTs platform. That’s an average of over 500 a day!

150 K
Packs Ripped!

That’s a lot of packs.

Top 3 Sales on the ToppsNFTs Marketplace

Special thanks to YOU, the Collectors

With all we’ve accomplished, the past 12 months have felt more like 60. Those of us along for the ride know it has been filled with ups and downs in the ToppsNFT universe, and the wider web3 universe too!

Topps wants to make sure to celebrate with our loyal, long-time Collectors and supporters, so we’ve put YOU at the forefront of our celebration.

The ToppsNFTs team is glad to reflect on the past 12 months and proud to say THANK YOU to the Collectors. We couldn’t have done this without you, and we are proud to share some fun, nominal gifts with you. The one-time gifts below should be available in your account by the end of this week!


First up, Custom Avatars on ToppsNFTs.com for our OG Fans and most loyal members. We have some new Avatars for everyone, and even more custom avatars for our most loyal and active fans. See full gift details below.

Discord Perks

Our Discord Community has been so influential in Topps NFTs growth, and we want to gift some members of the community with Roles that unlock a members-only channel, a visual “flair” for your profile, and special permissions for you to enjoy in the Discord. See full gift details below.

NFT Packs

Last but not least, we have one final gift for some of you. We’ve tapped into the ToppsNFTs Vault and will be giving away some NFT Packs from our reserves (and, before you ask: no we’re not giving away any Bundesliga Celebration Packs!) See full gift details below.

Again, thank you Collectors for being a part of the Topps NFTs community. We’re looking forward to even more big updates on the platform and new releases to delight the fans in the coming months, and years.

Gift Details

  • There are nine (9) total groups of gifts
  • The gift groups are mutually exclusive – you will receive one set of the gifts from every group you meet the criteria for
  • Gift group qualification was determined based on account information as of 12AM ET on July 1, 2022 – gift group qualification earned before or after this time do not count
  • See below details and FAQs for more info
  • Your gift(s) should appear in your account by the end of this week (if they haven’t already!)

1 - Everybody!

69 K+

80% of life is showing up…Anyone with a ToppsNFTs Account in good standing will receive two new avatars for their ToppsNFTs profile, and one new piece of discord flair!

Birthday Cake Avatar
Birthday Cake Discord Flair
Year 0 Avatar

2 - OGs


To those that have been with Topps and STAYED active with us – the OGs get the most comprehensive set of gifts!

object Object Avatar - IYKYK
OG #1

Discord Flair

"OG" Discord Flair

Discord Perks

  1. Access to members-only channel (#OGs)
  2. Ability to change your nickname
  3. Users with this special role will be able to assist staff in upholding naming conventions and ensuring no inappropriate names are on the server
  4. Add off-server reactions (emoji & stickers) from other Discord servers
  5. Ability to create & manage public threads
  6. Use of certain application commands – e.g. the ability to query bots to give server stats, to initiate games, trivia, and polls.
  7. Unlock ‘request to speak’ for stage events

3 - Snow-G's


To those that participated in our first ever ‘Thank You’ gift program (the 2021 Holiday Gift bundle) – your past gifts are earning you MORE NEW gifts!

Anyone with a Snowglobe NFT or Pack is a Snow-G.

Snow Globe Avatar

4 - Officially Licensed Everything


To those who collect everything and anything that’s officially licensed (owning NFTs from 4 or more different BRANDS – e.g. MLB, Bundesliga). Officially licensed = the REAL one!

Thank you for showing fandom for Topps as a company and platform, and – by extension – helping all of our great, diverse partners bravely take the leap into the web3 space with us.

the REAL one Avatar

5 - Baseballers


For the fans of peanuts, crackerjacks and all things baseball – Anyone with an NFT from 5 or more of the MLB collections released on ToppsNFTs this year.

Thank you for your fandom and support of Topps’ most longstanding and iconic partners – the MLB and MLBPA. Please enjoy a custom engraved wood baseball bat avatar!

6 - Footballers


Hello world! For our most globally diverse set of collectors, for which “Football” doesn’t involve a quarterback, pigskin or helmet…we love our Footballers

Anyone with an NFT from 5 or more of the Soccer collections released on ToppsNFTs this year will receive a custom ToppsFC Jersey Avatar!

7 - Gumballers


Rounding out the “Entertainment” portion of “Sports & Entertainment”

Anyone with an NFT from EACH of the 3 total  Entertainment collections (i.e. Bazooka & Godzilla) released on ToppsNFTs this year will  recieve a custom Lichtenstein Comic Bubble Avatar AND a Complimentary NFT Pack!

(1x Bazooka Joe Standard Pack)

8 - NOW-G's


“You had to be there” to become a NOW-G.

For fans of the Topps NOW program with any one (or more) NFTs from the two Topps NOW collections; thanks for celebrating the big MOMENTS with us in near-real-time!

NOW fans will receive our clever ‘Topps WEN’ avatar and Discord flair!

Topps WEN Avatar
Topps WEN Flair

9 - O-Gig's


Got Gigan? For the most loyal fans of Godzilla on ToppsNFTs – anyone who owns the Gigan Coin NFT (or pack containing the coin) can now go even deeper in their Godzilla vs.Gigan fandom.


  • A Gigan 50th Logo Avatar
  • TWO unique pieces of Discord flair
  • A complimentary NFT pack: Godzilla Rage Across Time Standard Pack!
Gigan 50th Flair
Gigan Geek Flair
Gigan 50th Avatar
Godzilla RAT Standard Pack!

Another Step Towards Loyalty and Rewards Programs

We hope these gifts help show our gratitude to you, the fans – and especially to the platform OGs that have stuck with us through this exciting year! 

Similar to the 2021 Holiday Gift Program, this ‘thank you’ is a one-off/one-time gift – if you missed out on the surprise this time around, don’t fret too much! There will be more to earn in the future.

We ALSO hope you take this gift as a sign of our plans to continue rewarding our most loyal and engaged fans and collectors. This celebration is another step towards a more dynamic, rolling (i.e. NOT one-time) Loyalty Rewards Program(s). 

Have constructive feedback for loyalty rewards? Let us know in the #suggestions channel of our official Discord server!

Appendix - Detailed Gift Group Criteria

Any user with a ToppsNFT account in good standing – meaning it has not been flagged as fraudulent.

  1. Lifetime spend of at least $25
  2. Account created in 2021
  3. Latest Activity sometime in 2022

Has at least one NFT (pack OR collectible) in their collection from the “2021 Topps Year End Celebration NFT Collection

Has at least one NFT (pack OR collectible) in their collection from 4 or more of the following brands (on ToppsNFTs platform): 

  1. Bazooka Joe 
  2. Bundesliga 
  3. MLB 
  4. Godzilla 
  5. SPFL 
  6. UEFA

Has at least one NFT (pack OR collectible) in their collection from 5 or more of the following collections:

  1. 2021 Topps MLB Inception NFT Collection 
  2. 2021 Topps Series 2 Baseball NFT Collection 
  3. 2021 Topps NOW MLB World Series NFT Collection 
  4. 2021 Topps MLB Postseason NFT Collection 
  5. 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball NFT Collection 
  6. 2022 MLB Topps NOW NFT Collection

Has at least one NFT (pack OR collectible) in their collection from 5 or more of the following collections:

  1. Bundesliga 2020-2021 Season Celebration NFT Collection by Topps
  2. Topps Series 1 – 21/22 Bundesliga NFT Cards
  3. Topps Series 2 – 21/22 Bundesliga NFT Cards
  4. Topps Series 3 – 21-22 Bundesliga NFT Cards
  5. Topps Series 4 – 21-22 Bundesliga NFT Cards
  6. SPFL – 21-22 Shining Stars Digital Collectible NFT Cards 
  7. 2022 UEFA Finalissima Redemption

Has at least one NFT (pack OR collectible) in their collection from EACH of the following collections:

  1. 2021 Topps Bazooka Joe NFT Collectibles
  2. 2021 Godzilla Rage Across Time NFT Collection by Topps
  3. 2022 Godzilla vs. Gigan 50th Anniversary NFT Mini Set by Topps

Has at least one NFT (pack OR collectible) in their collection from ANY of the following collections:

  1. 2021 Topps NOW MLB World Series NFT Collection
  2. 2022 MLB Topps NOW NFT Collection

Has one or more of the following NFTs:

  1. Gigan Coin NFT itself (Godzilla vs. Gigan Commemorative Coin Color 1 Epic)
  2. Pack with the Gigan Coin NFT inside of it:
    • `Challenge Reward Pack – Godzilla Cover Band AND/OR
    • `Challenge Reward Pack – Showcase Challenge B

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