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Hello Topps NFTs Collectors! You’re all going to be seeing a big change in the near future as we implement a new form of identity verification, commonly referred to as Know Your Customer (KYC). Verifying your Topps NFTs account is an important step in the collector experience and integrity of the Topps NFTs Marketplace. 

Once the KYC is implemented, you will need to confirm your identity through using a valid government issued ID (license or ID card) or a passport to participate in the Marketplace or withdraw/wire out funds from your wallet (if this option is available to you.)

Why do I need to verify my identity?

Verifying your identity in the account verification process is an important step in the Topps NFTs experience. The Topps NFTs team strives to provide the best Collector Experience to everyone who collects our NFTs.

Identity Verification allows us to ensure that real collectors are able to buy and sell in our marketplace. This will limit fraudulent activity and allow for a better collecting experience and improve marketplace integrity.

The Topps NFTs team also wants to ensure that all our valid collectors have a positive experience and a fair chance at purchasing from our marketplace.

What happens if I choose not to verify my identity?

If you choose not to verify your identity, you will only be able to make purchases in the store on

Those who do not verify their identity will not be able to:
Participate in the Topps NFTs Marketplace (buy listed NFTs, or sell NFTs, in your collection)
Withdraw funds from your wallet balance.

kyc identity verification

For more information on Identity Verification or to get started on verifying on your account, please visit

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