Topps is proud to announce a new upcoming NFT Mini Set that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Gigan’s very first appearance in the Godzilla Universe.

The new collection features 20 unique NFTs including an all-new Toppsicle, Rookie Card, Chibi art, and more!

Who is Gigan?

Gigan is one of the original monsters of the Godzilla Universe.

They are one of Godzilla’s all-time most dangerous adversaries; an epic rivalry that started exactly 50 years ago, in 1972.

Gigan attacks with brutal ferocity, and not even death can stop his fearsome onslaught.

Resurrected by the M Space Hunters on a faraway planet, Gigan has been outfitted with cybernetic enhancements such as hooked appendages and a deadly abdominal buzzsaw, which they prefer to use in close range combat. The M Space Hunters wish to leverage Gigan’s enhancements and sadistic nature in their efforts to take over Earth.

Gigan made their first appearance in 1972’s Godzilla vs. Gigan, and has subsequently appeared in Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973), Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), as well as the Zone Fighter and Godzilla Island series.

Gigan’s ability to return time and time again with upgraded weaponry and renewed vengeance makes them one of Godzilla’s most deadly foes.

About the Collection

The 2022 Godzilla vs. Gigan 50th Anniversary NFT Mini Set by Topps aims to celebrate and commemorate Gigan by both entertaining and educating collectors about Gigan’s long, sinister career as a monster-villain.

Old School, New School

The collection includes both:

  • Fan Favorite NFTs: new animated Comic Covers, plus an all new Rookie Card, Toppiscle and Chibi NFT. 
  • New Types of NFTs:  animated Movie Posters, Lobby Cards, and Movie ‘Moments’

Release (Drop) Information

The 2022 Godzilla vs. Gigan 50th Anniversary NFT Mini Set by Topps is set to drop on April 14th, 2022 at 1PM ET

Pack Details

$25 per pack
4 NFTs per pack
1,000 packs available

Pack Odds

Legendary (0.63%)
Epic (7.50%)
Super Rare (12.50%)
Rare (25%)
Uncommon (54.37%)
Common (0%)

The queue for the sale will open at 12:30 PM ET on April 14th – 30 minutes before the drop

Maximum limit of 5 packs per user, with a 30 minute cooldown time (you can buy up to 5 packs every 30 minutes)

What's Inside?

This NFT Mini Set features 20 unique NFTs that showcase Gigan and other famous monsters from the Godzilla Universe.



One (1) total Toppsicle NFT
Rarity: Legendary

Back again by popular demand, Gigan is converted into an interactive, 3D Toppsicle.


One (1) total Chibi NFT
Rarity: Epic

So cute, you almost forget they’re deadly. An original animation of Chibi Gigan.

Rookie Card (1972)

One (1) total Rookie Card NFT
Rarity: Super Rare

Gigan joins the roster of Godzilla Rookie Cards in the official Topps baseball card design from the year 1972, matching the monster’s debut!

Movie Posters

Three (3) Total Movie Poster NFTs
Rarity: Super Rare

Shiny movie posters from Gigan’s three biggest film appearances, supplemented with more context and explanations on the back.

Lobby Cards

Five (5) Total Lobby Card NFTs
Rarity: Rare

‘Fight Night’ style Lobby Cards from various encounters between Godzilla and Gigan.

'Moment' GIFs

Six (6) Total Moment GIF NFTs
Rarity: Uncommon

Some of Gigan’s all-time greatest moments from multiple points in their 50-year career. Supplemented with great ‘ELI5’ explanations on the back, so you can know-your-meme in no-time.

Comic Covers

Three (3) Total Comic Cover NFTs
Rarity: Super Rare

Original comic book cover art from the Godzilla: Rulers of Earth series, digitally enhanced with dynamic, looping animations.

What’s Next?

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