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The 2021 Topps MLB Postseason Collection, an all-new Topps NFT-exclusive set, is on sale now on – powered by Avalanche. The collection chronicles each round of an unforgettable postseason with motion NFT digital collectibles of key players who helped punch their team’s ticket to the postseason and beyond.“

This has been a phenomenal season for baseball fans and NFT collectors alike, and this collection provides the final opportunity to celebrate 2021’s favorite players, teams and moments in a completely new way,” said Hera Andre-Bergmann, MLB Content Product Manager of Topps Digital Sports & Entertainment at The Topps Company. “Playoff baseball is one of the most exciting times of the year and 2021 was no exception. We’re thrilled to bring some of the best players from this year’s postseason into the exciting world of NFTs with Topps’ first-ever digitally-exclusive MLB NFT set.”

Pack quantities, contents, and odds are as follows:

  • Standard Pack
    • $20 per pack
    • 5 NFT digital collectibles per pack
    • 20,000 packs available
    • Pack odds:
      • Common: 46.68%
      • Uncommon: 27.00%
      • Rare: 24.00%
      • Super Rare: 1.90%
      • Epic: 0.40%
      • Legendary: 0.02%
  • Premium Pack
    • $100 per pack
    • 8 NFT digital collectibles per pack
    • 6,000 packs available
      • Pack odds:
      • Common: 50.68%
      • Uncommon: 18.75%
      • Rare: 16.67%
      • Super Rare: 9.38%
      • Epic: 4.17%
      • Legendary: 0.35%

You can purchase 2021 MLB Postseason NFT Collection at Standard and Premium Packs in the Shop. If you’re looking for a specific NFT of your favorite players, like Aaron Judge, Wander Franco, or World Series Champion Freddie Freeman, check out the Topps NFTs Marketplace, where you can buy and sell Topps NFTs.

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